Medicine Buddha Lokta Paper Wall Hanging

Medicine Buddha Lokta Paper Wall Hanging
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Medicine Buddha Wall Hanging Is Hand Printed On Handmade Lokta Paper. Perfect For Home And Offices.


Medicine Buddha - The Supreme Healer

The Medicine Buddha, Or Bhaisajyaguru, Is The Buddha Of Healing. Meditating On The Medicine Buddha Is Considered To Be A Powerful Method For Increasing Healing Powers, Allowing Practitioners To Alleviate Their Own Sufferings As Well As Those Of Others. Through His Boundless Compassion And Generosity, Bhaisajyaguru Helps Sincere Seekers Overcome Physical Illness And Infirmity. But Even More Importantly, The Buddha Is The Skillful Doctor Who Heals The Great Disease Afflicting All Sentient Beings. By Providing The Dharma As A Profound Antidote To The Poisons Of Attachment, Hatred And Ignorance, He Lifts The Veil Of Delusion And Points The Way To Freedom.

This Can Be Rolled ( Scroll ) and Put Into Envelop Which Comes With This Wall Hanging.

The LOKTA Paper Popularly Known As Rice Paper; Is Handmade Traditionally From Time Immemorial In Nepal From The Bark Of Daphne Papyracea Called LOKTA. These Plants Are Found In The Forest Of Nepal Between The Altitudes Of 6500ft To 9500ft.



SIZE - 13 Inch X 7 Inch

WEIGHT - 50 Gram


Product Weight(gm) : 50.00

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