Nepalese Jew's Harp / Jaw Harp / Murchunga

 Nepalese Jew's Harp / Jaw Harp / Murchunga
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Handmade Traditioanl musical instruments Murchunga is one of the oldest musical instruments in the world. This is also traditional Nepalese musical instrument.Nepali word “Murchunga” is a kind of jaw harp available in a small lyre-shape that is placed between the teeth and played. Since Murchunga is played by mouth (teeth), it is naturally a tiny musical instrument. It is made up of Brass and Iron.

  • This instrument comes with beautiful handmade lokta paper box.
  • If you are new to this instrument please visit youtube site and type murchunga in search option. you will find several videos teaching how to play this instrument.



WEIGHT - 80Gms ( approx ) with box

SIZE - 3.8.inch X 1.1 inch approx


SKU : 264 NEP

Product Weight(gm) : 80.00

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