Eight Lucky Symbol Lokta Paper Wall Hanging

Eight Lucky Symbol Lokta Paper Wall Hanging
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Eight Auspicious Lucky Symbol Wall Hanging Is Hand Printed On Handmade Lokta Paper. Perfect For Home And Offices.

The Eight Auspicious Symbols (Ashtamangala In Sanskrit) Are A Group Of Lucky Buddhist Symbols That Appear On Many Buddhist Textiles, Objects And Paintings. Each Symbol Represents An Aspect Of Buddhist Teaching And When They Appear Together, Their Powers Are Multiplied.

  1. Parasol (chattra) - Royalty And Spiritual Power
  2. Golden Fishes (suvarnamatsya) - Good Fortune, Fertility And Salvation
  3. Treasure Vase (kalasha) - Spiritual And Material Abundance
  4. Lotus (padma) - Mental And Spiritual Purity
  5. Counch Shell (sankha) - The Fame Of Buddha's Teachings
  6. Endless Knot (shrivasta) - Infinite Wisdom Of The Buddha
  7. Victory Banner (dhvaja) - Victory Of The Buddha's Teachings And Wisdom Over Ignorance
  8. Wheel (dharmachakra) - The Teachings Of The Buddha


This Can Be Rolled ( Scroll ) and Put Into Envelop Which Comes With This Wall Hanging.

The LOKTA Paper Popularly Known As Rice Paper; Is Handmade Traditionally From Time Immemorial In Nepal From The Bark Of Daphne Papyracea Called LOKTA. These Plants Are Found In The Forest Of Nepal Between The Altitudes Of 6500ft To 9500ft.



SIZE - 16 Inch X 6 Inch

WEIGHT - 50 Gram


Product Weight(gm) : 50.00

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